My Dear Alex ❤︎

Thank U for this time together, it was so fast and I remember like today when U arrived to my room … =)

I wanna say U many things but I don’t know what should be first! It was nice met U and because of U our apartment never had problems with sth [something], our the best diplomatic Alex solved every cases!

I regret that U were working a lot ( I know that sounds funny) and U couldn’t spent more time with us :(

U know that U’re beautiful, so good model, confident and U can win this world because U believe in Urself!

I hope that everything in Ur career will be easy and soon I can see U in Fashion TV that U participete in Gucci, Dior, Prada and more shows! Thank U for these clever conversations, it’s impossible being such an intelligent girl like U in this age =) In the beginning me and Karo, we thought that maybe U lied about Ur age because Ur behaviour is totally different than 20-years old people!

Anyway U’re smart, clever, stubborn, brave, persistent so I’m sure U can do everything what U want!

U have to go to this show with dancers because it’s just next point for U and U won Next Top Model, so its nothing hard, My Deer!

I believe in U and I know that I will see U in TV, U have this kind of personality to being so important in civilization ;)

It was so intresting met U and U know that U have so complicated character to solve what U think or what U want do ;)

Sorry for disturbing U in sleeping, it was not special! I hope that will be ok with Ur boyfriend, if not U have to feel happy so just do what U feel inside Ur heart!

I keep my fingers crosed for U, see U in summer, or soon in Asia!



Nico =)


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